V/A – Give ‘Em the Boot II – CD

V/A – Give ‘Em the Boot II – CD

VA - Give Em the Boot II - CDV/A – Give ‘Em the Boot II – CD
(Hellcat Records) Along with sunblock, Simon LeBon from Duran Duran (back around the ‘Planet Earth’ and ‘Rio’ days), and a copy of Trainspotting (the book, not the movie), I would take Hellcat Records’ latest compilation, “Give ‘Em The Boot II”, to a desert island. It’s really that good. It gives perfect examples of the two main staples that label founder and Bay Area punker Tim Armstrong listens to: punk rock and ska. You couldn’t ask for a better combination. Featuring cuts from the likes of the Dropkick Murphys, Tiger Army, The Pietasters, Rancid (Armstrong’s band), and an absolutely orgasmically great dancehall/punk cut by Nocturnal, this CD is everything a compilation should be: utterly listenable, and addicting. It really has a Pavlovian effect: you want all the albums on the label now. Sadly, though, the only cut I really didn’t like on the CD was by none other than Joe Strummer of the Clash fame; sorry, Joe. All in all, I am totally in love with this compilation, and I’m sure you will be too, if you have any decent sense, you slugs!!!
- Lizi (2000)

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