V/A – Gothic Club Classics – 2 CD

V/A – Gothic Club Classics – 2 CD
(SPV) This disc starts off with one of the first goth songs I ever heard. I was just beginning to discover college radio and I had popped in a tape one night to record WWSU. The first song I caught was “Wasteland” by The Mission. I loved this song and it was the starting point that drew me away from metal and the 70’s rock monsters. I’ve never been a total Goth punk, but I do love plenty Goth songs and these two discs are loaded with them. Other than the Mission there are also songs from Bauhaus (“Bela Lugosi’s Dead”-of course), Cassandra Complex, Alien Sex Fiend, Type O Negative, Killing Joke, Love Like Blood and a load of other songs so dark and gloomy that your whole room will turn black… {Grog}

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