V/A – “Live” at the Bottom of the Hill – CD

V/A – “Live” at the Bottom of the Hill – CD

VA---Live-at-the-Bottom-of-the-Hill---CDV/A – “Live” at the Bottom of the Hill – CD
(New Red Archives)
Four bands on New Red archives share this live CD. First up are The Nukes who sound like they do on their CD “Why things burn”. Next up is Jack killed Jill. They are a little bit like Naked Aggression, but have a bit more of a rock edge to themselves. Then came a dose of Social Unrest, playing some of their older stuff and some newer shit. Really good and fun, but I’ve said it all in their other reviews. Last on this comp it’s Swingin’ Utters playing punk as only they can play it, only even better since it’s live. I love this CD, fun, fun, fun, I wish I’d seen that show.
- Grog Mutant (1996)

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