V/A – Pop O.D. – The Songs of Iggy Pop – CD

V/A – Pop O.D. – The Songs of Iggy Pop – CD

Missing-CoverV/A – Pop O.D. – The Songs of Iggy Pop – CD
(Static Records) 73 minutes of some of the best covers of one of my favorite singers, Iggy Pop. Iggy Pop single handedly challenged a generation to destroy everything their parents believed in. The “Pop OD” collection blows the “We Will Fall” collection of Iggy Pop covers from Royalty Records out of the water. Simply put, the “Pop OD” collection is woven together with raw energy, musical diversity, and throbbing passion. The Impaler and Cindi St. Germain recorded Candy at the Gold Dollar Club. The spoken word version of “Candy” has the Impaler and Cindi moaning the passionate lyrics at one another. The Down Boyz cover the classic Stooges tune Down of the Street. “Pop OD” is one of my favorite collections of cover songs. A great addition to your collection whether you are an Iggy fanatic or not.
- Gail Mutant (1999)

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