V/A – Punk Ass Generosity – 2CD

V/A – Punk Ass Generosity – 2CD

Missing-CoverV/A – Punk Ass Generosity – 2CD
(Devil Doll Records) This is forty-six band compilation put out by the now-defunct “One Foot Records”. Don’t worry you can still get this since “Devil Doll Records” has taken over their catalog. As the liner notes state this money goes to charity: “…all the profits from the sale of this record are being donated to various charities around the world…”. My question is “Which charities are they?” I mean the idea is good but maybe they should have put a bit more detail into it. OK, enough of my bitching let’s move onto the music. It’s primarily a punk-pop double CD with some straight punk, punkabilly and other sub-genres making an appearance. Bands included are Alligator Gun, Diesel Boy, Dynamite Boy, Electric Frankenstein, Guy Smiley, Horace Pinker, Kid With Man Head, Lagwagon, LES Stitches, Migraines, Millencolin, No Use For A Name, Pinhead Circus, Propagandhi, Teen Idols and many more. Well, worth the cost regardless of the charities.
- Grog Mutant (2000)

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