V/A – Space 380 Compilation – CD

V/A – Space 380 Compilation – CD

Missing-CoverV/A – Space 380 Compilation – CD
(Space 380) A compilation out of Missouri released by “Space 380 Records” and “Relax Online”. The CD features works by such bands as The Follow, Resident Clark, Takedown and Pounder. The CD is very well put together. Midnight Hour by Takedown is classic indie rock, while Preacher Son by Shaman’s Harvest owes a debt to traditional Americana and roots rock and Fate by Average Nine has a hard, gritty edge a la Dayton’s Mondolux (albeit without the relentless drumbeats of Roger Owsley); the album showcases a variety of styles while keeping within the general context of rock music. There’s a little something for everyone on this album. My favorite? Smile by The Black Water. Twangly is the only word for it.
- Fibi Mutant (2000)

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