V/A – Suburban Voice – Dangerously Unstable – CD

V/A – Suburban Voice – Dangerously Unstable – CD

VA---Suburban-Voice---Dangerously-Unstable---CDV/A – Suburban Voice – Dangerously Unstable – CD
(Suburban Voice) Quite a lot to digest here; compilation albums are always difficult to review and do justice to everyone involved. I know a little about Suburban Voice zine since I publish my own zine and have positively reviewed SVZ before. This disc is mainly filled with seriously good Punk Rock and HardCore. The first cut is a kick ass cover by Anti-Flag of the Buzzcocks’ classic Orgasm Addict. Subhumans make a great showing with a ’98 live Reason For Existence. Boiling Man does Inadequate / Dark Half that sounds like it must have hurt their throats to scream, and include a sample of Jack Nicholson in The Shining. Isolated do a phenomenal cover of Minor Threat’s Guilty of Being White. There’s a strange hidden track at the end which sounds like samplings from a sports radio talk show discussing NYC professional baseball. Definitely, definitely go get this, it fuckin’ ROCKS!
- Tom CoreKill (2000)

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