V/A – Transmission Four – CD

V/A – Transmission Four – CD
(Space 380 Music) This is the fourth comp released by Space 380 (hence the name of the disc). I think that this is one of the better comps that I’ve heard. It has a variety of bands, but not to wide of a range that they don’t fit together. Most bands would fit on the college radio format and several are from live college radio shows. They were even nice enough to put a style description next to each bands song so I don’t have to even try. The biggest surprise I had was seeing a song from My Life with the Thrill Kill Cult, whom I thought broke up years ago. However, they do sound different. Instead of the great industrial sounds from the early 90’s you get what is accurately described as groovy electronic rock. But wait that’s not all you also get what is described as AAA & Active rock – Chris Connelly who I think sounds like Bowie (Ziggy era). There is also post alternative, alternative AAA, alternative pop rock, rock, atmospheric alternative rock (Motorbaby-who sound a bit like Bjork on a good day), pop rock, Swedish house, trance pop, ambient, ambient turntablism, shoegazer rock and experimental. And I bet you all thought they were just college rock…well it just goes to show how much you have to learn. Nah Nah Nah! {Grog}

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