V/A – Xanadu – Music for the Future – CD

V/A – Xanadu – Music for the Future – CD

VA---Xanadu---Music-for-the-Future---CDV/A – Xanadu – Music for the Future – CD
(Rhetoric Records) This comp features nineteen bands playing punk pop. I love punk pop but couldn’t help but notice how similar most of these bands sound. My one big question is that there are 19 bands here and not one member of any band is a woman. Why don’t women play punk-pop? No real commentary here just an observation. My favorite bands on this comp were the ones who were different: Bender, Buglite, Sunkhole, Larry Brrrds, Beatnik Termites, The Crumbs, & Thirsty.
- Grog Mutant (1999)

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