Wally Pleasant Live at The Daily Grind (Dayton, OH)

Wally Pleasant Live at The Daily Grind (Dayton, OH)
I found out about this show at the last minute. Actually, Gail stopped by my house and told me that she heard that Wally was playing at the Grind. I called down there and found out that he was on stage. So I ditched my plans to go to 1470 and headed off with Gail to see Wally.

The Grind was packed and Wally was on stage playing his great humorous acoustic songs. He’s been compared to Johnathan Richman and Mojo Nixon which is a pretty good description to me, except that Wally’s songs are a lot more in tune to gen-X people and apparently Y judging from the crowd. He played songs from all five of his releases and the whole crowd loved him. His onstage banner was constantly entertaining, plus he conducted a Bingo game throughout his sets (we came late so we missed out on getting boards, dammit!!).

The whole show was recorded by Flyer radio (99.5 FM) who were also the ones responsible for bringing him to town. I got a chance to speak with Wally and found out that he truely is a great guy (he put up with me without wincing) plus he is as witty and intelligent as his songs make him appear.

One great show I’m glad I was able to catch, I don’t even regret not dancin’ the night away at 1470. I saved money and had a lot more fun.
- Grog Mutant (1998)

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