Warsawpack – Stocks & Bombs – CD

Warsawpack – Stocks & Bombs – CD

WarsawpackWarsawpack – Stocks & Bombs – CD
(G-7 Welcoming Committee Records) This is an interesting G7 Records release since it presents some of their standard left wing politics yet places it in front of a great jazz fusion. The vocalist brings up some very valid and important points regarding corporations and the government. One thing which I found very interesting was a brief chart inside of the j-card tray. It showed 28 people who are on the board of 38 companies and how many are on three or four similar boards. What I found out was that four members on Exxon-Mobil’s board are separately on four of the largest phone companies boards. You have to wonder how much inside information is handed around. An interesting group with a lot to say and a good way to present it to the public at large.
– Grog Mutant (2003)

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