All is Well – Spoonfork – CD

All is Well – Spoonfork – CD

Missing-CoverAll is Well – Spoonfork – CD
(Chainsaw Baby) A mash up of She Wants Revenge and the Red Hot Chili Peppers sounds like it would be pretty sweet doesn’t it? Well it is pretty damn sweet as demonstrated by the music on this release by All is Well. The CD kicks off with “From the F” which has a great driving bass that is present throughout the disc. While it’s not the longest track on the release, there was a point in the song where the chorus started getting on my nerves. I really enjoyed the tune “Bustin’ Heads for Dr. Death” which is listed as running a deceiving running time of 3:58 when it actually last a full 7:16 with various breakdowns keeping the song fresh throughout. “The Undertaker” is another such beast on this CD. And who can resist the skull with fork and spoon crossbones logo.
– Mite Mutant (2009)

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