Whitesnake – Gold – 2CD

Whitesnake – Gold – 2CD

Whitesnake-–-Gold-–-2CDWhitesnake – Gold – 2CD
(Universal Records) Wow, a double album titled Gold from 80′s hard rock heros Whitesnake. I know they didn’t release many albums, so what is on this collection? Well, it contains their few hits plus a multitude of lame songs including the epitome of ’80s popmetal tunes, “Now You’re Gone”. I never realized that 95% of Whitesnake‘s songs are about love, and many are so whiney they would put an emo band to shame. Back in the day Whitesnake was one of the most popular bands on radio and MTv, even being hailed as the new Led Zeppelin. However, they are now known as just a band that had a few hits which are still in rotation on classic rock stations, featured Steve Via for a short while and they had the very sexy & seductive Tawny Kitaen in several videos.
– Grog (2006)

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