World Leader Pretend – Fit for Faded – CD

World Leader Pretend – Fit for Faded – CD

World-Leader-PretendWorld Leader Pretend – Fit for Faded – CD

(Renaissance Records) This is a very interesting disc. The first song, “Panic Button”, threw me off a bit with their heavy distorted choruses (ala Sonic Youth) and I was thinking the band could go one of two ways. It could either be the setup song for a typical alternative band or the start of a great release. Luckily it was the latter. Each of their songs fit in with each other, but have enough individuality to keep my interest. Their third track “Your Tax Dollars at Work” makes me think of later period U-2 due to the vocal sound, but also the expance of sound backing up the vocals. At times they make me think of Blur or even Sugar. Then there’s “Shape-Shifter” which sounds like the Pixies. It was also nice to hear the addition of hors on the last song, “Theme” which gave it a flavour of their hometown, New Orleans. The more I listen to this release the more I like it due to the mood variations which they can create. It really makes me wonder why there are so many sound alike bands on the radio when I have been reviewing great releases like this all year. Do your ears a favor and seek out WLP.
– Grog Mutant (2003)

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