X – At Home with You – CD

X – At Home with You – CD

Missing-CoverX – At Home with You – CD
(Morphius Records) OK, well this is my second review of this band. I wrote one before that was partially scathing due to the fact that this band from Australia shares the name X with the great band from LA. Luckily, Justin Whyte from Morphuis Records set the record straight and told me that both bands formed in 1977, and we not aware of each other until years later. So now I’ve made an update and tried to be fair. This band recalls the better songs of Adam Ant, maybe it’s the trumpet that they keep throwing in that helps enforce that image. On some of the songs I also hear other alternative 80′s bands mixed in with their raw sound, and spastic vocals. This is a great band, I guess in the future I’ll just have to refer to them as X from Australia as opposed to the American X.
– Grog Mutant (2002)

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