XBXRX – Gop Ist Minee – CD

XBXRX – Gop Ist Minee – CD
(5RC) When I was in Wilmington, NC for the 2001 W.E. Fest (a seven day drunken music festival) I, along with others across the U.S., were assaulted. The perpetrators wore matching jumpsuits and paper bags on their heads. The whole thing lasted no more than 15-minutes. Lucky for me, I caught the whole thing on video although most of it is jumpy and distorted because they kept repeatedly spitting water and jumping through the air. The assailants are collectively known asXBXRX. This is a band that must be seen live. Believe me, they live up to their repetition and more. The maniacal melodies on this release will assault your brain. Think Brainiac on speed. (Yeah, that’s right. Brainiac on speed). Oh, and I think that everyone is the band is finally old enough to drive by now.
– Mite Mutant (2001)

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