Yellow Machinegun – Spot Remover – CD

Yellow Machinegun – Spot Remover – CD

Yellow-Machinegun---Spot-Remover---CDYellow Machinegun – Spot Remover – CD
(Howling Bull America) An all-female punk/metal band from Japan. A very funny release if you read the song lyrics. The band sings in English, but if you read the lyrics, most of the some really make no sense at all. “Fortune cookie very agreeable to me. My parents are away from this morning so I’m jumping on my bed. I’m kicking my big ball. I’m running around in my room. Wanna go washroom the alien is coming.” Ok, you go girls. Give these chicks a chance and maybe we will get more chick metal bands from Japan. Why am I getting fat? Because chocolate is very sweet… 8/10
- Johnny Death (2000)

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